The Beauty in Strangers: How I Promoted Amsterdam Through A Simple Sponsorship

The Beauty in Strangers: How I Promoted Amsterdam Through A Simple Sponsorship

Oct 13
Amsterdam water ways

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In my desire to promote Amsterdam to other people through my own simple ways, I, one time, decided to do a mini “sponsorship” program, wherein I would support the travel expenses and lodging of someone who wants to visit Amsterdam. All they had to do was comment on my blog about why they want to visit Amsterdam.

I posted the announcement of the sponsorship on a travelling blog.

The first response I got was not so optimistic, since people were asking and/or accusing me of being a scam. They were too guarded, thinking that the post was just a scam and that when they would agree to want to go to Amsterdam, they would get in trouble.

I tried to laugh it off at first, but the negative image all the more made me want to introduce them to this friendly and loving place that I have grown in and appreciated.

Slowly, some people expressed their desire to win the sponsorship. After a few days, I was able to choose someone from Alabama.

His name was Austin, and he was a proud, retired plumber.

Before I decided to grant him the sponsorship, I contacted him via e-mail regarding his life in Alabama, and why he deserves the chance to get free trip to Amsterdam.

This was his reply:

I was able to sustain a healthy and happy family through my job as plumber. Now that I am retired, I have asked my son to help me put up a website that could help people know the ins and outs of plumbing, especially with regards to choosing a plumbing company. Before I settled for the plumbing company that I offered my services to, I made sure that it was a company that deserved good plumbers. I was more than loyal to the company, since it was also a company that put the interest of their clients above everything else.

People who read through the site that my son and I made are also probably trying to understand how to pick a professional plumber that could answer their plumbing problems, without them feeling too insecure that they could not fixing their own plumbing problems.

I created a website in my desire to help people learn and understand about the profession I had during my younger years. As I saw your post about the Amsterdam sponsorship, I could not help but relate to you and your desire to let people see the beauty of your place. I want to have that honor. In return, I would also give you tips on how to choose your plumbing professionals, should the time come when you need them plumbing services to avoid water damage in your home.

My trade might not come to equate the offer you bring on the table, but I assure you, that there will come a time when the knowledge I impart to you would be very beneficial. There are a lot of other websites that might offer the same knowledge I give you, but as we discuss everything over a cup of coffee in your favorite café in Amsterdam, I am pretty sure you would get to understand things better, than you would reading tons of pages on the Internet.

I truly hope I get the chance to visit the lovely Amsterdam before time runs out on me.

Best regards,