Similarities of Amsterdam and Alabama

Similarities of Amsterdam and Alabama

Jan 22

Amsterdam is an old city with a cosmopolitan flair of Europe. It is the home of the royal family of The Netherlands. It is tagged as the city of arts because of its rich culture and tradition. It is a small city with less than a million population. Although the population is quite small, it does not stop the city to showcase its theatres and movie houses. Amsterdam has more than 50 theatres, museums, symphony orchestra, and ballet troupes. Theatrical productions cannot only be found inside the theatre, but sometimes played in a park or plaza. Graffiti is also a form of art for the Dutch. It is showcases inside the museums, galleries, and out on the streets.

If you love art, then you will surely love Amsterdam. It houses some of the most popular tourist attractions, be it a modern art, photography, and film. There is also a science museum for children. Other tourist attractions in the city include torture museum, houseboat museum, shipping museum, and art galleries of the famous artists. Some of the most visited museums in the city include Biblical museum and the museums dedicated to sex and erotica.

However, not everyone has the privilege to travel to Amsterdam. Travelling to Amsterdam entails not just time but money too. Some people work hard just to have extra money to fund for their trip to Amsterdam. If you are just like many people out there who are trying everything to make ends meet, then travelling to Amsterdam seems illusive. The good news is there is another way to enjoy the Amsterdam feel without literally going to the city. If you are residing in the United States, then you can experience Amsterdam in America. All you need to do is to visit Alabama.

Yes, Alabama is one of the states in America that is rich in culture and tradition, especially when it comes to arts. The city of Anniston houses the best artistic scenes in the country. Anniston is a quaint city with a peaceful, quiet, and friendly neighbourhood. If you love art in its raw form, then Anniston is the best place to be. There are a lot of properties to invest in the city. Should you wish to own a property in the city, then you should contact a real estate agent in Anniston through The Joey Crews Real Estate Team. They can easily guide you through a purchase of the house of your choice and will show you properties that best fit your budget and lifestyle.