Seeing a Big Advertisement in Amsterdam about Virtual PBX

Seeing a Big Advertisement in Amsterdam about Virtual PBX

Aug 16

Virtual PBX in Amsterdam Could Mean Big Change

First of all, everyone has known Amsterdam as a place of artistic heritage, living art of the old times, elaborate and unique canal systems. Original and only in our place of such beautiful breath taking sceneries, from narrow houses to gabled facades. Amsterdam is a beauty of antiquity, something I believe that should be preserved for a lifetime and will do what I can to accomplish that.

It would be sad if there might be such projects to create tall buildings for call centers or office and industrial buildings that would ruin this wonderful sight if it would materialize. I am aware that Virtual PBX is something for small businesses and just small offices but it could also influence giant companies to invest here.

Although I am just quite paranoid and a bit over worried, there is still a chance that this can happen since I think everything is always possible for change even if how long you will actually try to preserve something. I just love Amsterdam so much that it sometimes worries me about small things that are coming.

Although I’m sure that some people would actually want to promote more modernize business I just still want this place to stay the same, it’s because if you are living in a very modernize world, you would actually find Amsterdam as a place from a different time. But don’t get me wrong we are still really modern and techie but when it comes to the appearance and culture we actually maintain it to be like the 17th century, or simply say it’s just something unique, one of a kind in the world.

I have nothing against the ads and function of Virtual PBX phone system if it is just applied to our antique original designed buildings. But if ever they would be promoting really cheap offers from their ads, it could influence some folks here that are into business yet only has little capital would actually build cheaper plain practical buildings (Low Cost) that would be different from the art of the city itself, hence a unseemly construction would pop along and wreck the preserved looks of our city.

And I don’t want that to happen. To get it straight they are really good at what they do and can really provide great benefits to any business that needs such service but I would prefer if they would do it without changing Amsterdam’s preserved architectural city design or influencing such change to occur.

Some companies like the one that I’ll mention below this are one that actually scares me because of their ads that is too aggressive in my place. But I still respect the company but just hope they don’t push it too much.