Seeing a Big Advertisement in Amsterdam about Virtual PBX

Seeing a Big Advertisement in Amsterdam about Virtual PBX

Aug 16

Virtual PBX in Amsterdam Could Mean Big Change

First of all, everyone has known Amsterdam as a place of artistic heritage, living art of the old times, elaborate and unique canal systems. Original and only in our place of such beautiful breath taking sceneries, from narrow houses to gabled facades. Amsterdam is a beauty of antiquity, something I believe that should be preserved for a lifetime and will do what I can to accomplish that.

It would be sad if there might be such projects to create tall buildings for call centers or office and industrial buildings that would ruin this wonderful sight if it would materialize. I am aware that Virtual PBX is something for small businesses and just small offices but it could also influence giant companies to invest here.

Although I am just quite paranoid and a bit over worried, there is still a chance that this can happen since I think everything is always possible for change even if how long you will actually try to preserve something. I just love Amsterdam so much that it sometimes worries me about small things that are coming.

Although I’m sure that some people would actually want to promote more modernize business I just still want this place to stay the same, it’s because if you are living in a very modernize world, you would actually find Amsterdam as a place from a different time. But don’t get me wrong we are still really modern and techie but when it comes to the appearance and culture we actually maintain it to be like the 17th century, or simply say it’s just something unique, one of a kind in the world.

I have nothing against the ads and function of Virtual PBX phone system if it is just applied to our antique original designed buildings. But if ever they would be promoting really cheap offers from their ads, it could influence some folks here that are into business yet only has little capital would actually build cheaper plain practical buildings (Low Cost) that would be different from the art of the city itself, hence a unseemly construction would pop along and wreck the preserved looks of our city.

And I don’t want that to happen. To get it straight they are really good at what they do and can really provide great benefits to any business that needs such service but I would prefer if they would do it without changing Amsterdam’s preserved architectural city design or influencing such change to occur.

Some companies like the one that I’ll mention below this are one that actually scares me because of their ads that is too aggressive in my place. But I still respect the company but just hope they don’t push it too much.




Getting to Know Amsterdam

Getting to Know Amsterdam

Jul 23
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I was born and raised in Amsterdam. I lived in it, growing up to love every nook and cranny of the place. From the food to the clothes, to the many festivities and cultural heritages, I am a true Amsterdammer, or as we local folks call ourselves, Mokummer. Up until today, when I recall how much livelier and free-spirited my Amsterdam community is, I can’t help but feel pride and joy.

A lot of people ask, where is Amsterdam? Is that a country or a city or a town? What’s in that place, anyways?

Well, let me tell you a few things about this “unknown” place.

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, a nation in North-Western Europe. The Netherlands is also called “Holland.” But Holland is really the name of a district which today comprises of the nation’s two Western-most areas.

From the tenth to the sixteenth century Holland was one area known as the County of Holland. It was a piece of the Dutch Republic. However, by the seventeenth century — the nation’s Golden Age — Holland had ascended to turn into an oceanic and financial force, overwhelming other areas.

Ships from around the globe cruised to and from Amsterdam, in Holland. Since at the time the nation was authoritatively known as ‘Republic of the Seven United Netherlands’ (later: Kingdom of the Netherlands) the name Holland stuck to the people.

Amsterdam is the proud capital of Holland or Netherlands. It is one of the most innovative cities, and it also has a good ranking amongst the best cities in the whole world. Even when The Hague holds the government seat for Holland, Amsterdam remains to be the financial core of this country.

There are a lot of wonderful things that this place can offer besides the fact that it has a great reputation as a city, despite the very diverse population.

By diverse, I mean that even when the official language is Dutch, there are a lot of people living in this place that speaks English. This city is so diverse because it is home to people from 187 different nationalities. Hence, there is more than just Dutch and English when you come to this place. If you plan to visit, you would not even need to learn how to speak Dutch in order to communicate because more often than not, the English language would suffice.

Of course, that’s not to say that it would not be fun to learn the Dutch language, so you should go ahead and try if you want to.

Also, if you are a cyclist, then you would be happy to find out that this place have more bicycles than they have people. Yep, that is right. People in Amsterdam like to use bicycles so much that it’s a normal mode of transportation for everyone.

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The Women of Amsterdam

The Women of Amsterdam

Jul 07
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Amsterdam is home to a lot of beautiful women. It is known to always be on the top list of countries with the most beautiful women. Even at beauty pageants, Amsterdam had its fair share of beautiful women who try and fight hard to showcase to the world the unique beauty of women from this beautiful place.

Women in Amsterdam are known to be outgoing and fun. They are also very lady-like and have respect for their fellow women. They are simple and friendly, and they are also very helpful. Basically, they are women who accept and respect their role as a woman, may it be as a sister, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, and a friend.

Women from Amsterdam also take great pride in their bodies. A great majority of their population are of women with slender and healthy bodies that take pride in the ability to do physically challenging tasks and still come out strong and ache-free.

While it is true that their physique can be greatly attributed to their lineage and the type of living that they have, it is also true that women from Amsterdam value their bodies so much that they also make it a point to provide it with the best supplement, both in food and in drink.

There are countless women that have made it a part of their daily routine to drink healthily, and eat with caution. My friend Rosa is one of my many women friends from Amsterdam addicted to having a slender body.

Women of Amsterdam do not lose weight and maintain a slender body because they are vain women or they are women who care for beauty alone. They are women who are taught in the goodness of everything, even in the goodness of the body. A good body must always be in the right shape so that it can do good things. Also, their preference for slender bodies is not just for the purpose of staying sexy, but more for staying healthy and fit. They are very practical women as well and they know that a fat body will only welcome diseases and illnesses that would not only impair them but would also cost a lot of money to treat.

The eagerness of these women to stay healthy and free from unnecessary fat is something that women from all nations should set as examples. To see a beautiful body not merely for its aesthetic purposes but more for its purpose of working and giving and sharing to fellow men, is a very noteworthy cause to stay healthy and pretty.